selleton-rampsSince Selleton is a manufacturer of Scale products, we have the capability of building any scale Size & Capacity. We use first class carbon steel which can handle minimum of 10,000 lb weights.

Secrets on how to grow in a Recycling business!

You are nice to your customers & pay them fairly. But Competition is our there – and it is though. So what can you do to bring customers to your place instead of others?

We at would like to share a few ideas with you that no one in the industry is willing to share. After years of research & experience with our recycling customers, we have come to the Solution that being successful in the recycling business, In one Sentence is:

Simply, Having the right tools!

Believe it or not, only 10% of all recyclers buy the right tools! Here is what successful recyclers buy & the reason of their purchase:

A very Accurate legal for Trade Scale

It is law to have a Certified NTEP ( Legal for trade) Scale. But lets think a little further. on what can make you different than others:

Framing the Certification & hanging it on the wall, so your customers see you are in compliance with the law.

Having a clean,accurate & legal for trade scale is great presentation to anyone that see’s it.

2. A Score board & a printer

The right weight is what your customers care about. If your are kind enough to let the customers see the readout when weighing the items, you are one big step closer to success. Then the printer prints out the weight information for your customer, which will make you look professional & honest.

3. A Certified Software for the recycling industry

You may wonder why you would need a software program. Since your mission is to run a successful recycling center. You will need a Certified software that will save you time processing your orders. If your saving time & processing faster, that would mean less wait time for customers. Ultimately, more business & happier customers!

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