NTEP (Legal for trade) Stainless Steel Floor scales

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One of our product lines are the NTEP Stainless Floor scales.  NTEP Floor scales are required to those scales that are used in trade or commercial applications. Only 4 U.S. states are NOT required NTEP certificate of conformance to place on weighing or measuring device into commercial service, Those states are ( Tx,Nd,Vt,Ri),  All other states are required! 


All NTEP Floor Scales are equipped with Specifications below: 

  • Heavy-duty industrial design
  • Tube-Channel frame
  • Height: 4.25″
  • 4 NTEP alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Top or side load design at your option
  • Stainless steel junction box with signal trim board
  • 15′ load cell cable
  • Rugged diamond deck treadplate
  • 4 adjustable swivel steel feet
  • PS-IN202SS NTEP certified indicator with serial out
  • Made In U.S.A
  • One-year limited warranty!




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