CP-6 Compression Canister Stainless Steel

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Interchangeable Products
  • Fairbanks 64166
  • Fairbanks LCF-HR4020-2 50K le
  • Rice Lake RL75114 50K le
  • Coti Global CG-26S1


Rated Output (mV/V): 1.8±0.01
Nonlinearity: ±0.03%FS
Hysteresis: ±0.02%FS
Repeatability: ±0.01%FS
Creep (30 minutes): ±0.02%FS
Zero Balance: ±1.00%FS
Temperature Effect on Zero: ±0.0027%FS/10°C
Temperature Effect on Output: ±0.0015%FS/10°C
Input Resistance: 1080±10Ω
Output Resistance: 1000±3
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ
Excitation Voltage: 10V(DC/AC)
Compensated Temperature Range: –10°C ~ 50°C
Operating Temperature Range: 20°C ~ 60°C
Safe Overload: 150%FS
Cable: 50‘ Braided Shield
Cable Color Code: Input: Red (+) Black (-) Output: Green (+) White (-)

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