SellEton 70′ x 10′ Hercules Super Duty Truck Scale 100,000 lbs Capacity

$ 30,000.00


The Selleton Hercules series is one of its kind in heavy duty truck scale, Equipped with strong weigh bridge and specially designed cross beam load cells.

The scale can weigh up to 100,000 lbs. You can put 300 loads on the scale every day and the weigh bridge will not wear out even after 20 years.

As a leading load cell manufacturer, we use our world patented cross beam load cells (GF-11) for our Hercules series.

Comparing to the traditional double-ended beams, the cross-beam is much more sturdy and it can avoid side-load from any

direction. It has 8 strain gauges ( double the quantity of traditional 4 gauges ) to average the sideloads to get the result closer to

perfection. The GF-11 has been certified by NTEP with 10,000 divisions. Moreover the load cells are very easy to install and



The Scale can be installed above ground or in a pit. Load cells and the junction box can be installed or accessed from the top.

Hercules series come with side rails for trucksafety. The whole surface and optional ramp has diamond cut texture to avoid slip.

Last but not least Selleton Hercules scales are at least 30% less expensive than other brands in the market.



* Top access to load cells and junction box

*75,000 lb capacity patented cross beam load cells ( total 10 load cells) NTEP approved 10,000 divisions

*Junction box(es) appropriate for number of load cells utilized

*200,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)

*Up to 300,000 lb full Scale capacity (non-NTEP)

*Span deflection ratio (1: 1200) for legal highway loads

*Diamond cut textured surface

*Safety side rails

*Size: 10′ x 70′ ( customized sizes available)

*Ship weight: 30,000 lbs

*Optional Ramps

*5 year limited warranty









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